DAP One-Year Membership-Professionals



Membership – is open to anyone who supports the objectives of the organization
Exclusive online resources– you will be notified via e-mail about upcoming events and special activities that may not be open to the general public. Exclusive access to featured content on a variety of topics; such as pending redevelopment projects, grant opportunities or boosting your technology expertise.
Networking opportunities– as you attend periodic meetings, workshops, become active on a committee or take a prominent leadership role, you’ll forge lasting ties with others who have common professional interests and similar business concerns. These relationships will be a rich, ongoing source of inspiration and ideas.
Support systems– take advantage of formal coaching or mentoring relationships with experienced business members who can provide guidance and useful insights.
Civic leadership– become; involved in many worthwhile projects. DAP contributes to the community in a variety of ways, to supporting important charitable causes. The connections you’ll make, the resources made available to you and the ideas and advice you’ll discover will represent an outstanding return on what amounts to a modest, manageable investment of time, money and effort.


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