DAP Executive Director, Cheryl Kearney is featured in Model D magazine, regarding the revitalization of Martin Park.

Author Terryn D. Hall, describes Cheryl as “If anyone can tell you about Martin Park, it’s Cheryl Kearney. An upbeat and fast talker, she can run down the names of her classmates and the businesses their parents owned when she still lived in the neighborhood…Despite Martin Park’s rough turn, Kearney believes in the neighborhood. As an urban planner and former resident, she stays involved by attending community meetings to offer feedback and keeping tabs on the development happening in the area. She’s also exploring collaborations with organizations like Cooperative Capital, an alternative funding vehicle for residents to invest in their communities.

Her dedication is palpable in her work. “That’s my heart, that’s where I grew up,” Kearney says. “My love is for that neighborhood.”